Reviews from students and clients
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" This has been a game changer for me!"
Alenka Vojnic
" Rachel is a coach and mentor with a proven track record of success"
Steve McNail
"Thanks for more money in my bottom line!"
Alex Elliot

Stacia Kennedy

13 mins
My biggest problem before DCC was always finding my Focus and direction with all the affiliate marketing stuff. There’s so many different things I love to promote and ways to promote them. Since joining though, I’ve been able to take massive action on the income producing activities. Rachel always gets me back on track during the group coaching calls, and helps solve any big problems I might have had during the week.

Leslie Klatt

30 mins
This is exactly what I needed. I tried setting things up myself a few months back, got overwhelmed and quit. Thank you Rachel, for making it simple! <3

Ammar Ys

2 hrs
I enrolled knowing a little bit about affiliate marketing but I was kind of lost. After I enrolled Rachel taught me everything I needed to know step by step. There are tutorials, templates, email swipes, basically everything you need. What I really like the most was how she teaches you to maximize conversions and track your results. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to master affiliate marketing.
" Automated funnels now make me 60K/month"
Dave Kosciusko
" I got so much more than I 
Ana - Maria Panait
"Get the exact systems, tools and strategies"
Kyle Robbins

Melissa Ann Hampton

6 hrs
Staying focused can be difficult. No matter how experienced you are, if you are only being held accountable to yourself, you’re going to slip up. That’s what really sets Daily Commissions Club apart. Before I joined I had trouble staying on task and implementing strategies quickly, but after joining DCC I had no choice but to get things done. Otherwise, the weekly accountability zoom calls would kick my butt! Having the support of my accountability partner and other group members is HUGE.

Sonja Harris

15 mins
Rachel's course cleared up a lot of confusion for me. I am a social media marketer, but often felt exhausted from all the client work I had to do. I already knew a ton about online marketing softwares and used them for my clients and my own business, but would only get paid when I put in hours. After taking the course, I learned how to automate my processes and build a passive income making machine. I continue to drive traffic to my systems that I set up during the course and the results keep increasing!👍🏻

Jon Godwin ▸Daily Commissions Club - Affiliate Marketing Private Program w/Rachel S Lee

4 mins · 📷
I made my first sale from a funnel! 😬 And I have no idea what I even sold - I'm excited to get home and log in to find out!
" Keeps me accountable and keeps me floating along"
Erin Gall
" The kick in the butt I needed to take action"
Melissa Ann Hampton
"Brings in the latest that's happening in affiliate marketing !"
Judy Olbrych

Kyle Robins

New Member · 16 mins
I just got off a coaching call with Rachel S. Lee and she is awesome! She provide a super clear path for me to be making more affiliate income quickly. She suggested several tools and strategies  that will help me get to the next level fast. If you're thinking about getting her course or getting on a call wit her just DO IT!

Hassan Zein

13 mins
I had my coaching call with Rachel S. Lee yesterday and it was so invigorating. I came in to get more motivated by my affiliate marketing journey. She listened and asked a lot of good questions. And she ended up showing me how I could finally start my program.

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Gigi Valdez

3 hrs
Thank you for our call last night! I setted up my Clickmagick last night and doing Rachel's tips this weekend to drive traffic! Thank you!!! It's worth it

Melissa Ann Hampton

20 hrs
Let me just say that I am so thankful to be in Rachel's private mentorship group. I was slacking off for one day and the weekly accountability Zoom call kicked my but right back into gear and I have already scratched a bunch of stuff off my to - do list.

VeJohn C Heinemann

1 hr · Richland, WA
🕺 Just I had my 1 - 1 call with Rachel S. Lee and WOW! She provided valuable content to jump start my Business in a Box!
💪 Feeling recharged and read to rock it again!
🤙 Mahalo Rachel!!

Stacia Kennedy

13 mins
Woohoo!!! Thanks Rachel, Freaking great call I am certainly going to be breaking out and finally getting the right things done. I am feeling super focused on the right actions to move my business forward. 

Jade Reese

14 hrs
I had my 1 - 1 call with Rachel S. Lee today. I realize I did most of the talking AND it was a profound call. She may not know that but it was. The general rule is to let the other person do the talking and she was masterful at it. My big take away was to share what I care about. When I listen to myself I can hear the difference in my voice when I am passionate about something and articulate my vision for this world

" The accountability in Rachel's program is more than I've seen anywhere else"
William Brant

Ankur Desai

12 min
Totally vouch for anything that Rachel teaches. She goes above and beyond of what you sign up for. Get on  her course/ coaching guys

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