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What Is The Converting Offers Database?
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✅All the marketing tools and sales funnels you need to immediately begin converting customers

✅Training created by Rachel that guides you to discover the best affiliate links for each offer

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Here's What You'll Get:
Over 50 of my most favorite affiliate offers to promote.

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Some examples of what is included:

Affiliate Marketing Course
$47-$497 offers with 50% commissions

Facebook Messenger Bots  Course
$997-$2997 offer with 40% commissions

Digital Marketing Funnel Platform
$49.90 offer with 100% initial sale commissions, 30% recurring AND 30% tier 2 commissions

SEO Affiliate Course
$497 offer with 50% commissions

Funnel Course
$997 offer with 40% commissions

Facebook Group Growth Software 
$197 offer with 40% commissions 

Email Auto Responder Software
30% commissions

And SO much more! (Over 50 offers!)
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