FINALLY break through your roadblocks and consistently sell your offers!

Are You Ready to IMPLEMENT and Scale?1

Ready to funnel Consistent, Qualified Leads & Buyers To Your Offers over and over again?  

Get access to a team that is 100% Dedicated To Your Success with accountability, checklists, templates, and weekly calls.

Mastermind and network with Likeminded, Focused Entrepreneurs in a private community
FINALLY break through your roadblocks and consistently sell your offers!

Are You Ready to Scale?

Ready to funnel Consistent, Qualified Leads & Buyers To Your Offers over and over again?  

Get access to a team that is 100% Dedicated To Your Success with accountability, checklists, templates, and weekly calls.

Mastermind and network with Likeminded, Focused Entrepreneurs in a private community
 Increase Your Impact on the World by Scaling Your Offers With My Proven Step-by-Step Blueprint 
for Success...
What's so Different about the impact Business Incubator?
  • You will have a step by step blueprint to help you build a REAL business that will outlast all the online trends... So you can get off the hamster wheel of always running after that elusive success.
  • ​You will be able to build a sustainable 6 - Figure business together that you can quickly scale.
  • ​We will make sure you get measurable results because our program is so immersive... There will be no forgotten investments with this one.
  • ​You'll have access to dedicated coaches and sessions for all of the most important aspects of building your business... From sales to copy, to offers, to paid ads.
  • ​We will help you automate your systems and outsource and delegate so you can streamline your time.


  • You are ready to hit 10k, 20k, and beyond months instead of constantly jumping onto the next "make money online" trend or opportunity.
  • ​You need a steady, predictable way to generate leads and turn them into high-ticket clients .
  • ​You know that getting to that next level success requires changing your environment to one that will surround you with daily support, accountability and solid, repeatable systems.
  • You are ready to step into your full potential and stand out from all the marketing "noise" out there with a long-term, sustainable business.
Here is what you get when you join 
impact Business Incubator 
When you become an IMPACT Maker...
  • We'll create a rock-solid launch plan once you've perfected your offer and guide you through how to enroll high numbers at once.
  • You'll have a structured and focused weekly schedule of coaching calls and co-working sessions .
  • You'll get access to a carefully curated team of coaches and specialists to get daily feedback on your copy, ads, social media, launching, offers and more.
  • You'll have 24/7 access to a private Facebook group, Member's Area and new resources like templates and checklists---all updated regularly
  • ​We'll spend the whole year working together to first identify your irresistible signature offer and then scale it to 6 figures and beyond
What my clients are saying
What is included inside 
funnel boss academy?
The Academy mentorship program provides a comprehensive tech, strategy, and results-driven opportunity for online business owners to craft a sustainable and long-term strategy and plan that will stand the test of time.

You're not just getting Melissa ... you're getting her entire team!

What You Will Accomplish in the Program

Fine Tune Your Offer

(it all starts with a rock solid offer, and we will help you laser focus on how you can best serve your dream clients while making sales on repeat)

  • Craft or improve your irresistible offers and value ladder of offerings... you are never left wondering what to sell.
  • Brand yourself as the go-to authority online... and show off your expertise with offers that all play off each other and provide customers with the NEXT thing they didn’t even know they needed!
  • Fill your online audience full of hot leads who will buy on that selling feels fun and easy
Dial in Your Launches

(even the best ideas can flop if they aren’t presented and messaged correctly--we’ll help you avoid the dreaded failed launch)

  • Get the step-by-step blueprints for launching your offers and enrolling people in bulk... so you can have confidence in everything you put out
  • Implement sales strategies that convert both actively and passively... so you never worry about *crickets* after a live announcement again
  • Consistently bring in a stream of leads and sales... never experience the pain of an empty or dried-up pipeline
Systemize and Scale

(there’s such a thing as fatigue from too many “peaks”’s great to make sales, but launching is exhausting. We’ll teach you how to build an evergreen business).

  • Scale up with paid traffic, chatbots, and follow-up automations... you can build the right systems to support your growing business
  • Increase your leverage by building out your dream team...and never worry again about overwhelm from trying to “do it all” yourself
  • Implement systems for compound growth of your sales and running a six figure business you’ll never go blank when trying to come up with your next launch campaign
You’ll be surrounded by support from all angles...
  • WEEKLY COACHING CALLS & PERSONALIZED HOT SEATS with Rachel to work on your offer, marketing, sales, and business growth ($12,000 VALUE)
  • WEEKLY IMPLEMENTATION LABS with Rachel and my team to work on needle-moving activities ($6,997 VALUE)
  • ACCESS TO MY TEAM OF DEDICATED COACHES AND SPECIALISTS to get daily feedback on your copy, ads, social media, launching, offers, and more ($9,997 VALUE)
  • ​WEEKLY LIVE TRAININGS AND Q&A with Rachel to learn what's working now in the ever evolving online landscape ($4,997 VALUE)
  • PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY COACH for weekly check-ins and monthly calls so you always stay on track to hitting your goals ($8,997 VALUE)
  • PRIVATE MEMBERS GROUP for networking, masterminding, asking questions, and sharing wins. The group is staffed by our team 5 days a week so your questions always get answered ($4,997 VALUE)
  • LIBRARY OF STEP-BY-STEP TRAININGS always being updated with fresh new material and strategies ($4,997 VALUE)
  • RESOURCES AND TEMPLATES to fast track your results, including importing our actual funnels and copy ($2,997 VALUE)
  • LIVESTREAM COACHING AND MARKETING AUDITS to make sure you're marketing is the most effective it can be ($2,997 VALUE)
  • ACCESS TO ALL MY COURSES AND TRAININGS already created and anything I launch throughout the year ($4,997 VALUE)

TOTAL VALUE = $63,973 !!

stop wasting time & money
I’ve been where you are...spending tons of money on coaches, trainings and software..hoping THIS ONE will what finally moves the needle.

You don't have to waste money and time like I did… because I'm giving you my exact, step-by-step blueprint so you can move forward without feeling overwhelmed, stuck or like you're wasting time. 

You're not just getting me ... you're getting my entire team of dedicated coaches AND a huge library of resources to help you scale quickly.

Hi, I'm Rachel!

I help coaches and course creators reach their ideal target market, build their loyal audience, and convert more clients into their programs...all while having fun and feeling fulfilled!

After putting in many hours and stress to build an online marketing agency, I started working in ecommerce and won a Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club award by helping take a business to 3 million dollars.

Realizing though that ecommerce was not my passion, I got into affiliate marketing, started teaching others how to do affiliate marketing and won a Clickfunnels Super Affiliate Dream Car Award. 

It wasn't always like that, though. When I first started out trying to make it with my own business, it seemed like everything I touched turned to dirt. I couldn't get anything to work, I was 40k in debt, and I almost had to move back in with my parents!!!

But I kept going, hit more blocks along the way, got thicker skin and learned a TON, and went from almost having to get my 10-year-old car repossessed to having a brand new car paid for by a software company!

Since then, I ran multiple groups, and made multiple 6 figures by selling coaching, consulting, group programs, courses, softwares, and affiliate offers--all to my highly-engaged group!

Going back to my roots of consulting and teaching, I have found my highest passion does not come from selling ecom products or making affiliate commissions, but from teaching others how they can get paid really well by sharing their knowledge and expertise.

Let Me Show You Everything You'll Get if You DECIDE TO JOIN THE ACADEMY!
Join Today and get 24 Weeks Access to:
  • Weekly group coaching calls & personalized hot seats ($12,000 VALUE)
  • Weekly Implementation Labs ($6,997 VALUE)
  • Access to my team of dedicated coaches and specialists ($9,997 VALUE) ​
  • ​Weekly live training and Q&A ($4,997 VALUE)
  • ​Personal accountability coach ($8,997 VALUE)
  • ​Private members group ($4,997 VALUE)
  • ​Library of step-by-step trainings ($4,997 VALUE)
  • ​Workbooks, checklists, funnels, templates, and blueprints ($2,997 VALUE)
  • ​Live stream coaching and marketing audits ($2,997 VALUE)
  • ​Access to all my courses and trainings ($4,997 VALUE)

TOTAL VALUE = $63,973 !!

But Wait....Limited Time Pay In Full Bonuses:

✅ 1-1 “Launch With You” Planning Session with my launch manager Vanessa - Get customized help to plan and create your launch, landing page, and preparing marketing material such as emails and social posts. ($1,997 Value)

Is It Okay If We Overdeliver?.... Get in by Tuesday To Get Access To The Limited Time Special Challenge Bonuses:

✅ 6 Figure Accelerator Workshop Series

Workshop 1- Irresistible Copy and Magnetic Messaging for Your Program
Workshop 2- Grow Your Audience Full of Ideal Leads
Workshop 3- Planning Your Content that Positions You As The Expert
Workshop 4- Writing Up Epic Sales Presentations

Recordings of the POP Challenge

​✅ Special Challenge Pricing - The price will go up the next time we open the doors (save $1,200 by paying in full)

Total Value = $76,167
$5000 for 24 Weeks
or 6 payments of $850
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Just treading water in your business or getting by but not thriving...doesn’t feel great. The fact that you’re even here reading this tells me that you want MORE, and know beyond a doubt that you’re capable of more.

I want to work with you to help you take the right actions and get the results you are looking for. How quickly can we get you to success? Our goal is for you to experience QUICK wins right away and then have compound growth month after month. I’m so confident that you’re going to keep building your empire after joining IMPACT and succeed with scaling your epic offer. Here’s to your success!

-Rachel S. Lee
What if I'm totally new to business?

Everyone has to start somewhere, and we help you where you are right NOW. Everyone always feels like the newbie when they join a new program but we will get you set up with all the tools you need to build a business. But we won't just leave you with and resources will only get you so far if you never implement. We will hold you accountable and guide you every step of the way to implementation!
How is this different from the other business coaching programs out there?

Because you get DAILY support and dedicated coaches. who are experts in different aspects of online business, you won't be left to figure it all out on your own. This is not like those courses you have bought and left abandoned.
This entire program is designed so that you can consume the content quickly and take action immediately. No months spent going through endless videos and worksheets--all videos can be watched in a single evening and you can take action on everything I teach without having to spend still more money. And then you have coaches on call to help you through every step.
What if I am not good at sales?

Most people aren't born with this gift...but we teach you how to sell naturally--without gimmicks or tactics that feel icky.
We teach how to sell to already engaged audiences--your email list or  online group or community. This works well because so long as you provide enough value and engage them consistently, it will never feel like selling.
If people know, like, and trust you...they will buy from you. If you show up, do the work, and create the right content, you can bring in an income that feels passive but is actually the payoff of you showing up consistently everyday!
 What if I decide this isn't for me?

We are here to hold you accountable and make sure that you stay committed to your success. We are asking you to also be fully dedicated and committed for the length of the program--for this reason we do not offer refunds or cancellations. We provide incredible support and know you will succeed if you show up consistently and do the work!

How do I know if this will work?

Just remember that there is no such thing as truly passive still have to show up and do the work. But since I am teaching you the exact strategies that I used to quickly grown a 6-figure business and a highly-engaged Facebook group of 6K, I know that anyone who implements the same strategies will see results too.
 When do I get access to the membership area and coaching calls?

After you submit your payment, you will be directed to the coaching agreement page and then the onboarding handbook. There you will find links to log into the portal, how to get into the private group, and the calendar of coaching calls and events. 
What if I don't need help for that long?

We strategically designed this program to be 24 weeks long so we can help you build a REAL sustainable marketing system and business. While you will experience quick wins, we want to truly help you scale and partner with you. We know that you will love working with us so much that you will want to stay in the program for multiple years!
Rob Helps Professionals and New Entrepreneurs Find Their Purpose and Passion & Did $21,000 In His First Week After Working With Us
Rochelle Helps Realtors With Social Media and Enrolled 6 New Clients Within Her First Few Weeks In IMPACT
Leslie Does Mindset and Business Coaching & Accomplished a $30,000 Launch In Her First Month Working In IMPACT
Kristine Helps People With Their Health and Fitness. She Got 2 New Clients In Just 2 Days Working With Us!

Amani Got 400 targeted  Leads for his Business in a few weeks with no ad spend 

"Rachel went above and beyond and gave me extra help when I needed it"

Tanya was able to get 415 people into her program!

"took my business to the 
next level"

James was able to launch his business, grow his audience and sell his offer

"I was able to stop buying courses and spinning my wheels"

AJ  used the Accountability feedback each week to optimize his business and sell more of his offers.

"If any part of your funnel is not set up right - you get no sales... No results"