Get The Email Swipe Files from Rachel S. Lee!

Brought to you by Rachel S. Lee - Affiliate Marketer, Online Influencer, 2 Comma Club winner, and Dream Car Winner. Order below:
Here's What You'll Get:
✅Customized email sales campaigns for over 20 unique offers that are highly converting

✅A variety of video training and tutorials to craft impactful emails for every offer

✅Access to the actual emails that Rachel herself uses to convert buyers on a daily basis

✅Learn the sales psychology behind writing emails that compel and convert your target audience

✅Exclusive access to some of the best available sales email drip campaigns that can’t be found anywhere else online!

✅The email marketing Deep Dive program that keeps your email marketing running on auto-pilot, making sales for you while you sleep!

A lot of affiliate programs provide email swipes, but then everyone is sending the same stuff and deliverability goes down.

I have customized all of these email swipes and they are really easy for you to add some small edits and your own flair too.

Each Swipe pack comes with 7-14 days worth of emails depending on the offer.

Some examples of what is included:

Affiliate Marketing Course
$47-$497 offers with 50% commissions
(Swipe pack valued at $97)

Facebook Messenger Bots  Course
$997-$2997 offer with 40% commissions
(Swipe pack valued at $97)

Digital Marketing Funnel Platform
$49.90 offer with 100% initial sale commissions, 30% recurring AND 30% tier 2 commissions
(Swipe pack valued at $97)

SEO Affiliate Course
$497 offer with 50% commissions
(Swipe pack valued at $97)

Funnel Course
$997 offer with 40% commissions
(Swipe pack valued at $97)

Facebook Group Growth Software
$197 offer with 40% commissions
(Swipe pack valued at $97)

Email Auto Responder Software
30% commissions
(Swipe pack valued at $97)

And SO much more!
Total Value: $997

Today Only $97
(Lifetime Access & Updates)
Get the direct sales emails you need to attract and convert new customers, while upselling existing ones

That's ONE YEARS worth of emails and offers already written!


This is an extremely limited time offer. This is an introductory rate for those that take action now.
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Jade Reese

45 mins
Such an easy tool to use. Not only did it give me a bunch of new offers to promote, but it saved me a bunch of time copywriting. It only took me 30 minutes to set up over a 3 months worth of emails! Copy and paste are my new best friends. Well besides Rachel :)

Ana - Maria Panait

 16 mins
Fantastic offer - includes all the templates needed to get each offer scheduled into my Active Campaign, and QUICKLY. I’ve always struggled with copywriting, so getting this Email Survival Kit was a must. My open rates are 2x higher for these offers than they were for what I’ve been promoting. I can’t wait to see the conversion rates for these programs!

Klesimir Klukovic

3 hrs
I’ve always dealt more with funnels and outsourced my copywriting, so the Email Survival Kit was a perfect fit for my business model. I just handed it over to one of my VAs, and they got the offers scheduled in under an hour. A couple months worth of emails for a low investment and a couple hours of copy and pasting? Yeah, I’ll take that any day."

William Brant

5 hrs
Great copy, and even better offers! I love all of Rachel’s products, but this one takes the cake. The price point was so low it felt like she was practically giving it away. And the coaching call really helped me understand what order I should promote in and why. I can’t wait to make my money back within the first offer. It only takes like 1 sale from any of these offers to be back in the green
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