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Create Powerful Systems To Make Recurring Income Every Single Day...
Do you want to learn the powerful secrets to experience financial freedom?

Ready to setup multiple income streams that bring in up to thousands of dollars per month using nothing more than your computer?

The Daily Commissions Club offers everything you need to make a daily profit from sharing products you already use and love!

Expert online marketer Rachel S. Lee teaches you all the latest techniques and methods that have helped thousands of people just like you take all these income streams and turn them into one easy, automated business.
Daily Commissions Club is a program for digital marketers, 
side hustlers & online entrepreneurs. It is for all skill levels, 
from beginner to advanced.
From: Rachel S. Lee
To: Laptop Lifestyle Entrepreneurs 
Dear Entrepreneur,

Daily Commissions Club came to life when I was burnt out and sick of working 16 - 22 hour days on my online business and multiple client projects. 

I tried everything. Ecommerce, Facebook Ad management, network marketing, webinars...whatever was the "hot" new opportunity.

Thankfully I discovered the process of making passive, automated income through affiliate marketing.

I'm not saying it was EASY right away, BUT it worked. 

I started making a few bucks here and there, sometimes $100 in a day!

Then I noticed I was making small commissions EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I got up to $100 a day, $300 a day, $500 a day, and sometimes had 4 figure days!

I started teaching this to others, and not only helped them to make daily affiliate commissions, but I ended up making even more money from my trainings and coaching!

Thats how I have been able to create an online business that makes over $30,000 per month!

While its very nice to promote highly converting offers where all you have to do is send traffic, and not worry about fulfillment or creating your own can make even more money if you do decide to teach what you learn!

So thats exactly what Daily Commissions Club is! My training and coaching on how to make that affiliate money, but also add other streams of income to your online business.

How would you like to have an entire years worth of work done for you?

I share everything I use in my online business to Daily Commissions Club members.

Daily Commissions Club is the CLOSEST thing to Done FOR You!

You get dozens of highly converting funnels, offers, email followup swipe copy, strategies, community support, and business strategy sessions TWICE per month to help you scale your business in real time!

If you're reading this, then you know that modeling or copying someone else's success is the fastest way to get to your next level...

Having access to my knowledge and resources is literally like taking a 10 year shortcut to online business success...

And if you want to take that shortcut without having to pay tens of thousands of dollars in trial and error and thousands of hours in frustration, anxiety, wondering what to do, and procrastinating...

Then read on...
But First A Word Of Warning...
DCC is NOT for everyone...

The program is for online entrepreneurs that are dedicated to becoming successful, profitable and financially-free digital business owners.

It is NOT for you if you are:

-An excuse maker & complainer that blames others for their lack of success

-A lazy, non-action taker who is fine with staying stuck in their current life

-Not willing to invest in yourself to create an incredible business

-Looking for a get-rich-quick, overnight scheme 

-NEGATIVE and do not genuinely believe that you deserve success and happiness
Who Should Join This Program?
The Daily Commissions Club is for you, if you are:

-Ready to add passive income and affiliate marketing commissions into your life

-Are a 9-to-5er that wants to use your evenings and weekends to generate additional income

-A beginner entrepreneur who wants to learn everything about running an online business

-An experienced affiliate marketer looking to add the latest offers and strategies into your business plan

-Willing to invest in yourself and commit to long-term profitability and success!
When you become a member today you receive all the tools, techniques and guidance from expert digital 
marketer Rachel S. Lee and the entire DCC coaching team.

Benefit #1: Coaching with Rachel S. Lee and the DCC Success Coaches
✅Access to 52 live group coaching calls per year (once per week) that offer the valuable insights and answers to your questions from our online marketing experts

✅A behind-the-scenes look at how Rachel has built her successful online business, including insider-secrets for building new income streams

✅Access to the entire DCC video library of past recordings, offering hundreds of hours of premium online marketing strategies and content

✅The newest techniques and methods in the ever-evolving world of affiliate marketing

✅Exclusive access to Rachel’s personal business-building strategies that have taken her to the top of her game!

Benefit # 2: Members Only DCC Facebook Group
✅Exclusive access to the Daily Commissions Club member group, where Rachel and other high-ranking online marketers will answer your questions

✅A space to share your latest offers, sales funnels and marketing emails to receive feedback from all DCC members

✅Connect and network with other online business owners who share your passion for building businesses

✅Daily support and motivation from the entire DCC coaching team and group members

✅Bonus tips, tricks and techniques that can boost your earning potential
Benefit #3: Online Marketing Video Training & Tutorials
✅Unlimited access to over 100 online video training sessions and weekly content from Rachel and the DCC coaching team

✅Online marketing training from guest experts that are making 6-figures in their respective niche markets

✅Everything from beginner training that teaches you digital marketing fundamentals to advanced income strategies that help you consistently scale your business

✅The latest strategies that Rachel uses to keep her business growing, passed on to you in the form of high quality, easy-to-follow videos
Benefit #4: Tested, Persuasive Marketing Material
✅A collection of the captivating marketing material that Rachel herself uses to engage potential clients and turn them into buyers

✅The sales funnel templates, website outlines and pre-made marketing emails that you can instantly use in your own business

✅100% downloadable and easy to edit: just add in your affiliate links and products, then you are ready to make daily commissions

✅Save countless hours using the customized funnels that have been proven to convert clients

✅You also get Rachel’s detailed training on how to setup and put each template into action, so you can start making commissions fast
Benefit #5: Industry-Best Affiliate Program
✅To help you get started on your online business journey, we offer you even better affiliate commissions than Rachel makes!

✅Get higher commissions on my programs than the general public!

✅You also get personalized training from Rachel to learn to become a successful affiliate and JV partner with her!

✅Earn more from each sale than with any other affiliate commission program online today.
The Best Training Program You Will Ever Join! 
We originally planned on offering the DCC memberships at $5497 because of all the value that comes with the live coaching, expertly-designed marketing materials and the advanced commission structure.

But, we also know what it feels like to be stuck in a 9 to 5 job, looking for ways to earn additional income.

So, we decided that dropping the price down to $2497 would be the right thing to do.

Then we realized that the more people we make the DCC available to, the most our group members will be able to flourish in the Members Only Facebook Group.

For a limited time only, we are making memberships into the life-changing program available at an unprecedented $697.

Take advantage of this extraordinary discount now and Join DCC Today!
Not only do you save nearly $5000 when you sign up today, but you also receive:
Offer Survival Kit ($497 Value)
✅Over 50 hand-picked online offers that Rachel promotes through her own business

✅Everything from High Ticket to Low Ticket offers that customers love, which are specially-selected due to their high conversion rates 

✅The best offers across the world of MMO, online marketing and affiliate marketing for a variety of niches, so you can find something that is right for any focus

✅All the marketing tools and sales funnels you need to immediately begin converting customers

✅Training created by Rachel that guides you to discover the best affiliate links for each offer

✅Expert guidance on where, when and how to use every offer available

✅Maximize your commissions on each offer with the most profitable affiliate link
Hand-picked offers that Rachel herself promotes, so you can get more conversions and higher commissions!
Drive endless traffic to your pages, increasing your customer base and daily commissions
Traffic Survival Kit ($997 Value)
✅All the industry-insider secrets on driving free, organic traffic to your affiliate links

✅Learn to maximize your Youtube presence using the keywords that buyers search for

✅Search Engine Optimization strategies that drive thousands to each one of your Youtube videos, social media posts and sales funnels

✅Organic social media growth strategies to connect with the target demographic for your niche markets

✅Comprehensive paid-traffic guide that helps you instantly scale your business on Facebook and Youtube

✅Growth strategies across the world’s biggest platforms such as Instagram, Google, Solo ads, and many more

✅The keys to delivering captivating content that engages and converts your traffic

✅Online lead generation methods than deliver qualified leads that are ready to buy your products
Email Survival Kit ($997 Value)
Customized email sales campaigns for over 20 unique offers that are highly converting

✅A variety of video training and tutorials to craft impactful emails for every offer

✅Access to the actual emails that Rachel herself uses to convert buyers on a daily basis

✅Learn the sales psychology behind writing emails that compel and convert your target audience

✅Exclusive access to some of the best available sales email drip campaigns that can’t be found anywhere else online!

✅The email marketing Deep Dive program that keeps your email marketing running on auto-pilot, making sales for you while you sleep!
Get the direct sales emails you need to attract and convert new customers, while upselling existing ones
Become an authority in any market by learning to position yourself as an industry influencer
Influencer Survival Kit ($997 Value)
✅Build your brand and niche market by becoming the authority in any area, attracting people that want to listen to what you have to say!

✅Authority content creation secrets that make followers think of you first when they want to find information about products or services

✅The powerful techniques that quickly build a social media following so you can capture your target audience

✅Social media lead generation that allows you to lay the foundation for long-term conversions with every follower you have

✅'What Is Influencer Marketing' training that helps you take a well-balanced approach to becoming an online influencer

✅The business-boosting ‘Attraction Marketing’ and Rachel’s exclusive My Secret Free Traffic Strategy that helps draw people all over the world to your brand

✅‘Claiming Your Authority’ training so that you discover your self-belief and confidence to convince the entire world of your expertise in any market

✅‘Advanced Monetization and Sales’ training that helps you take every opportunity to make a profit online
Facebook Groups Survival Kit  ($997 Value)
✅Everything you need to know about growing your online Facebook Groups for your brand, products and services

✅Build communities of potential clients that are interested in what you have to offer

✅Collect leads from your social media groups, which you can immediately use for your email sales campaigns

✅Position yourself as an authority in any space by leading a Facebook Group of thousands of interested followers

✅Get free, organic outreach to your prime demographic with targeted Facebook advertising

✅Learn the secrets of posting engaging Facebook content that gets more shares, more likes and more clicks

✅Use your online followers to get MORE online followers through highly engaging Facebook Groups
Become a Facebook marketing master that attracts the people that are interested in your products
Program your chat bots to sell 24/7 to boost your daily commissions
Facebook Chat Bot Survival Kit ($997 Value)
✅Expertly-designed Facebook chat bot sequences that increase open rates, click-through rates and maximize your affiliate commissions

✅A downloadable ‘Business In a Box’ flow kit that helps you promote all of your offers

✅Easy-to-follow Facebook chat bot training that any online entrepreneur can do

✅Learn to engage, connect and convert new clients while you sleep with automated messenger bots

✅Automated chats that are ready to sell your followers the moment they open up Facebook

✅Strategies for chat bots that help you grow your Facebook Groups and social media following

✅Direct your social media audience to your sales funnels automatically, increasing conversion rates without having to spend time or effort
White Label Course Survival Kit ($997 Value)
✅Earn additional commissions with Funnel Courses, Affiliate Marketing Courses and more that are all professionally-designed and ready for sale!

✅Position yourself as an online entrepreneur expert and create your own following

✅Full digital marketing and sales courses that you can use ‘as-is’ or customize with your personal brand or business logos

✅Ready-made courses that you can offer as a free giveaway to boost lead lists, helping drive your daily commissions

✅Create a whole new income stream by selling highly profitable white label courses from one of your sales funnels

✅Start a Facebook Group and grow your social following by offering professional-grade online business courses
The white labeled courses that can earn you extra income by selling to other aspiring online marketers
The strategies you need to convert clients using your Youtube videos
Youtube Survival Kit ($997 Value)
✅The most effective SEO strategies for ranking highly with your Youtube videos

✅Learn to get 100% free organic traffic and qualified leads by simply creating Youtube videos about any topic, product or service

✅The proven methods for building a brand, attracting followers and capturing subscribers across Youtube

✅Rachel’s secrets to using paid Youtube advertising to attract clients while keeping ad spend to an absolutely minimum

✅Creating Youtube videos that rank highly on Google, positioning you as a worldwide expert in any niche market

✅Discover the power of product review videos that can instantly take you to the top of the affiliate chain for any offers you have

✅Become a confident Youtube personality that advises your followers and potential leads on why, when and where to buy their favorite products, earning you thousands in commission in the process!

Here's What To Do Next
Step 1: Click the "Become a DCC Member Today" button anywhere on this page
Step 2: Enter your information
Step 3: We'll send you your DCC credentials (along with all the free bonuses you get)

That's it, it's really that simple!
So click the button below to gain access to the best done for you online business training program!
But before you do, I have to give you a heads up...
Time Is Of The Essence
You won't be able to gain access to DCC at this unheard of discount with these bonuses forever...

In fact, like I said we're still thinking of making it $1497 in the near future... (still one of the most done for you affiliate trainings in the world)

So don't let this opportunity pass you buy...

One of the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs is that they take action with no hesitation...

And that's what I'm asking you to do now...

Click the button on this page to access DCC before you miss out.
This Truly Is An Unheard Of Offer, So Click The Button Below To Get DCC & Get All the FREE Bonuses Before You Miss Out!
What Students Are Saying!

Welcome to Daily Commissions Club with Rachel S. Lee!

Brought to you by Rachel S. Lee - Affiliate Marketer, Online Influencer, and 2 Comma Club winner. Congratulations & Welcome to the family! Order below:
"The Kick In the Butt I Needed To Take Action"
-Melissa Ann Hampton
"I Got So Much More Than I Expected!" 
-Ana-Maria Panait
"Get The Exact Systems, Tools, and Strategies" 
-Kyle Robins
DCC Enrollment Is Now Closed...
Join The Waitlist to Now When We Re-Open
"Start changing your business today"
-Judy Olbrych
You Get Access To:
-Coaching with Rachel S. Lee and the DCC Success Coaches ($2997 Value)

-Members Only DCC Facebook Group ($2997 Value)

-Online Marketing Video Training & Tutorials ($2997 Value)

-The Most Persuasive Marketing Material Available ($2997 Value)

-Industry-Best Affiliate Program ($997 Value)
$12,000 Value Total!
Join DCC today and also get these exclusive bonuses:
-Offer Survival Kit ($497 Value)

-Traffic Survival Kit($997 Value)

-Email Survival Kit ($997 Value)

-Influencer Survival Kit ($997 Value)

-Facebook Groups Survival Kit ($997 Value)

-Facebook Chat Bot Survival Kit ($997 Value)

-White Label Courses Survival Kit ($997 Value)

-Youtube Survival Kit ($997 Value)
Total Value of Survival Kits: $6,500

Total Value of DCC & Survival Kits: $18,500
"It's better than I expected"
-William Brant
"If you're on the fence, don't be"
-Erin Gall
"I'm now focused on the income producing activities!"

"My biggest problem before DCC was always finding my Focus and direction with all the affiliate marketing stuff. There’s so many different things I love to promote and ways to promote them. Since joining though, I’ve been able to take massive action on the income producing activities. Rachel always gets me back on track during the group coaching calls, and helps solve any big problems I might have had during the week. Also, the Private Facebook Group is a great place to get advice, receive feedback, and most importantly accountability!!! It’s not the things we do, but the order and consistency of those things that have brought me success. I’ve increased my affiliate income from no sales to a constant flow of people signing up for trials on products I promote. I feel like I have a proven plan that works for me as I am still working my full time job managing a company and being a mom of 2 and a wifey to 1"

-Stacia Kennedy
"The Mentor I Needed" 
-Rob Gleason

"Staying focused can be difficult. No matter how experienced you are, if you are only being held accountable to yourself, you’re going to slip up. That’s what really sets Daily Commissions Club apart. Before I joined I had trouble staying on task and implementing strategies quickly, but after joining DCC I had no choice but to get things done. Otherwise, the weekly accountability zoom calls would kick my butt! Having the support of my accountability partner and other group members is HUGE."

-Melissa Ann Hampton

Before I enrolled I knew a little bit about affiliate marketing but was kind of lost. After I enrolled Rachel taught me everything I needed to know step by step. There are tutorials, templates, email swipes, basically everything you need. What I really like the most was how she teaches you to maximize conversions and track your results. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to master affiliate marketing. 

-Ammar Ys

This is exactly what I needed. I tried setting things up myself a few months back, got overwhelmed and quit. Thank you Rachel, for making it simple! <3

-Leslie Klatt

Rachel's course cleared up a lot of confusion for me. I am a social media marketer, but often felt exhausted from all the client work I had to do. I already knew a ton about online marketing softwares and used them for my clients and my own business, but would only get paid when I put in hours. I had a few affiliates signed up under my links and was making some commissions, but nothing scalable. After taking the course, I learned how to automate my processes and build a passive income making machine. I continue to drive traffic to my systems that I set up during the course and the results keep increasing!

-Sonja Harris
"Yes, I Want To Start Making Multiple Streams of Income!"
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